Stereophile: Turntable Review by Art Dudley

In 34 years of writing about playback gear, I have seen no products better made than the Thales turntable and tonearm, and precious few that equal them.



My prolonged time with Thales Simplicity II tonearm brought an aurally enlightening experience, that had over the time evolved into a refreshingly surprising analog adventure. Each and every reference record become even more interesting and involving.


TTT-Compact II & Simplicity II review by Roy Gregory

"Its compact musical presentation could well form the basis of a long-lasting audio association, a compact indeed. [...] But above all, appreciate just how musically powerful they are when used in concert."


The List - Five of the Best Turntables

The sound seems to spring from the blackness of deep space with incredible bottom-end extension, and absolutely flawless timing to my ears with a tight, fluid sound full of true tone and timbre...


Thales factory tour by Roy Gregory

...besides the sheer musical satisfaction it delivered, one other thing stuck in my mind: the abiding memory of the silky-smooth operation of the Simplicity II. Every time I changed a record it was impossible not to marvel at the precision...


Review on positive feedback by Marshall Nack

"This thing is fast! And dynamic as all get out! I was stunned by the vitality of low-level passages and timbres that were remarkably well-developed."


Review on dagogo by Jack Roberts

"... In the end, the Thales Slim and Easy is a truly wonderful sounding analogue source and one I could easily live with."


Review in Canada HiFi

"I sincerely feel that the Thales TTT Slim represents a paradigm shift in the world of turntables where the relationship between size & weight of a turntable and its sonic performance has been redefined."


Review in Hi-Fi News

"Rival superdecks can command prices in this bracket, but few can equal the Thales for its Swiss watch build quality, or offering such a small and stylish package. The jewel in its crown is of course the gorgeous ‘tangential’ pivoting tonearm...


Positive Feedback

"The Thales may be small but its sound is like a dream."



"I advise caution, because even casual listening to the tested turntable can be a risk of bringing us much closer to leaving it in our system."


Review in German magazine "hifi & records"

"Masterpiece - the Thales Simplicity is the best tonearm I have heard so far. The sophisticated design, highest-precision bearing-technology, fascinating micromechanics and spotless production are worth the price."


Audiotechnique review by Lincoln Cheng

"I am truly respectful of Micha's genius approach to the creation of this masterpiece. The Simplicity arm is a breakthrough in tone arm design. Anyone who listened to it in my setup cannot resist owning one."


Stereophile review by Michael Fremer:

"...genuine breakthrough product that at last realize, with no discernible downside, audiophiles' long-held dream of tracking LPs in the same way they ... were originally cut."